New by KG Systems: easy-Fog<<

KG Systems B.V. launches their new self-assembly easy-Fog high pressure mist system within their 'easy' product line. The most efficient way to achieve an optimal humidity. Choosing the easy-Fog system saves you unnecessary high installation cost due to the possibility to assemble yourself. The easy-Fog system includes a plug-and-play mist unit and easy-click stainless steel piping. Suitable for every crop for small and big companies. Every installation is tailor made. <<

Easy-Fog high pressure mist Systems are based on a concept of equalized distribution of humidity in the greenhouse. The nozzles are made out of high quality stainless steel which result in a high emission speed at a low volume without dripping. <<

Advantages of easy-Fog

- 100% savings on high installation cost
- Very sharp prices
- Easy-self installation
- Full support by KG Systems B.V.
- Tailor made for each unique greenhouse
- Tailor made for each crop
- Delivery of a plug and play mist unit

- Realization of an optimum atmospheric humidity
- Reduction of the room temperature
- Creation of a uniform climate
- Reduction of energy cost
- The possibility of spraying with pesticides
- CO2 savings
- Improvements in the activity of the plants
- Improvements in the productivity and quality of the crop

Applications of easy-fog

- Greenhouses
- Outdoor cooling
- Dust control
- Humidity control in buildings

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