Bench systems have proved their value on more than one occasion in the years past and they entail economic progress in every aspect. A considerable saving in labour can be realized under uniform growth circumstances, as the tables with plants are brought to any space in the glasshouse and workroom that is desired. Moreover, the systems enable you to make optimal use of the available space. What’s more, bench systems are convenient and can be easily expanded step-by-step into a totally integrated system. Easy-Fix renders it possible to assemble and erect the systems of KG-Systems entirely on your own. And with that, the investment costs are reduced and the quality is maintained<<

Track parts

Track parts are used to move the benches.
The track parts operate on air and are operated with a foot pedal.
These can be easily assembled using the Easy-Fix system.
The entire track parts bench system is delivered as a building kit<<

Base / Supports

The elements of the base are also referred to as supports. The supports are extremely easy to mount in the ground with concrete slabs or vibrated. The rails of KG-Systems are of an improved, hardened steel quality, which reduces the wear and tear of the wheels<<

Water site installation

The water is fed from below by the use of low tide and flood systems in containers. As a result, the leaf and flower stay dry and one can provide exactly the right amount of water. One can choose between synthetic or aluminum canal beds or one can opt to work with irrigation mats. Easy-Fix brings all kinds of possibilities for self-assembly within arm’s reach<<


Easy-Fix offers various types of bottoms in its supply program me of KG-Systems:
1 High quality solid synthetic bed, UV resistant, for low tide and flood systems
2 Gauze bed, various types, spot welded, woven or metal
3 Styrophor bed plates equipped with air holes as desired
4 Solid aluminum low tide and flood bottoms

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