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The ideal solution for growers

Easy-Fix cultivation systems

Why choose Easy-fix systems from KG Systems?

KG Systems has been developing and selling various self-assembly systems for over 25 years. With the Easy-Fix concept, KG Systems offers a complete line of self-assembly roll container systems and roll-top benches. The unique concept results in systems with a longer lifespan and higher quality.

The KG Systems factory manufactures easy-fix products. A fully automated assembly line in the factory produces products quickly and efficiently. I In combination with fully or partially building systems yourself, this can save you a lot of money as an entrepreneur.

Benefits Easy-Fix:

Very competitive prices

Very easy self-assembly

Easy to expand to a larger and more advanced system

Great advantage in transport costs when exporting

100% support service

Container systems

Container systems have proven to be an economic advancement in every way in recent years. The mobile containers help to use the growing surface as efficiently as possible.

Benching systems

Fixed and roll-top can be used in a lot of nurseries and greenhouses. The benches are custom-made according to the clients needs.

Installation support

KG Systems provides the Easy-Fix systems with a detailed instruction manual and construction drawings for self-assembly of the various components.


Within the ‘easy’ concept, KG Systems also provides the Easy-Fog self-assembly system, for high-pressure fog.


In the sphere of automation, KG Systems recommends that you do not attempt to install track motors, pushers, tilting frames, hauling tracks, et cetera, on your own.

Based on our years of experience in projects of this kind, we will gladly contact you in order to come to an expert plan together with you that fits your budget. Visit for our complete automation programme kgsystems.nl