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Container system

Container system

Container systems have proven to be an economic advancement in every way in recent years. The mobile containers help to use the growing surface as efficiently as possible.

A mobile container system has been developed specifically for larger horticultural companies, allowing containers containing plants to be moved in a time-efficient manner. Easy-Fix allows you to assemble and install KG Systems systems yourself. This reduces investment costs while maintaining quality.


The conveyors are used to move the containers. The conveyors are equipted with air boosters and have foot pedal operation. The entire container system is supplied as a kit which is very easy to assemble yourself with the Easy-Fix system.


The elements of sub-construction are also referred to as supports. The supports can be easily installed by themselves using concrete tiles or by being drilled into the ground. The rails are made of galvanized hard steel, which helps to reduce wheel wear.


Irrigation system

Water is supplied from below using ebb and flow systems in the containers. As a result, the crop remains dry and can be given the exact amount of water it requires. There are several types of plastic or aluminum ebb- and flow bottoms available. There is also the option to choose for mesh bottoms. All bottoms are simple to assemble in the containers. All bottoms are simple to assemble in the containers.


Easy-Fix provides a variety of bottoms from the product range of KG Systems:

1 High-quality ebb- and flow bottom, either one piece or glued together. The bottoms are UV-resistant bottoms are ideal for warm climates.
2 Mesh bottoms in different mesh sizes that are spot-welded or woven.
3 Styrofoam bottom plates that can be fitted with various sizes of air holes.
4 One-piece aluminum ebb and flow bottoms.