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Benching systems

Roll-top benches

Fixed and roll-top can be used in a lot of nurseries and greenhouses. Roll-top benches maximize growing space utilization, with many cases achieving 20% space efficiency. Because the benches are raised, they significantly improve working conditions. Furthermore, energy costs can be reduced because the air flows beneath the roll-top benches which allows the plants to be heated earlier than when grown on the ground.

Easy-Fix provides a convenient and high-quality self-assembly kit with a click or screw system for the benches.

Rolling Benches

Fixed Benches

Irrigation system

Water is supplied from below using ebb and flow systems in the benches. As a result, the crop remains dry and can be given the exact amount of water it requires. There are different types of valves which can ensure a reliable water supply and discharge. Examples of these valves are quick-valves and HS-valves, both can be suplied by KG Systems.